Mindful Leadership | THE ENNEAGRAM
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Mindfulness cultivates acute awareness of what is happening while it is happening.

It gives us the ability to respond to the “now” wisely. However, we are often distracted from the present by future worries, past regrets, external influences and our own personality drivers.

The Enneagram personality assessment is a trusted practical tool that gives us clarity on what drives our behaviour in stressful situations. The Enneagram differentiates between 9 different styles of interacting and engaging with the world.

As an example: we all might delegate responsibility in a project, but often for different reasons. Some delegate to increase performance, others because it’s the right thing to do. Some may delegate to cover more bases, or to increase opportunities, or empower others.

Once we understand the drivers of our behaviour – the reasons for why we do what we do – we increase our ability to develop or change our behaviour. This understanding gives us a choice to act differently as we realise that our default style is not the only efficient way to deal with complexity.

The Enneagram identifies our default behaviour triggers, which may get in a way of being present. Mindfulness develops our ability to “catch” ourselves in our default behaviours and gives us opportunity to respond with more options.

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