Mindful Leadership | Learn Mindfulness
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Learn Mindfulness

Like any other skill or muscle, the mind can be trained
to be more mindful.

As with all training, on-going practice and discipline are key. To observe is a skill. To respond is a skill. To have a balanced life is a skill. To be happy is a skill. To lead authentically is a skill.

The mindfulness practices we teach are truly profound and simple. And like most simple things, one needs commitment and enthusiasm to develop sustainable new ways of being. Enthusiasm and eagerness need to be partnered by rigour practice and commitment.The fruits of your labour will be endless.

The service we provide is a valuable and crucial support to any new theory and cognitive-based trainings. Most training and development focus on “what” we learn, for example, best leadership skills. They are content, theory and information driven. Mindfulness focuses on “how” we can apply what we know.

Our service includes knowledge transfer, skills development and coaching. We tailor our coaching to the specific challenges faced by our clients.

We bolster our mindfulness-based applications with The Enneagram Assessment. This tool helps us determine what drives an individual’s performance. We all want to be the best, but for different reasons. Knowing why we are driven towards a certain action or choice helps us better understand the interaction between our minds and our performance.

You can read more about the Enneagram here.