"Although we are trained in a Zoo, we still live in the Jungle” (Sonja Blignaut).


“Know Thyself”.  Stated by the Mythological Oracle of Ancient Greece. This “advice” is also a common instruction, aim and theme in all religions of the world.


And to really know ourselves, we need to understand and get to know our wild nature. The psychological instincts of the predator, the parasite and the scavenger are in our history and our blood. To know thyself is to challenge our prejudices and belief systems. It is to discover that one’s identity is not restricted to a personal ego (Enneagram Type) but includes a sense of self that is both ancient and evolutionary.  (Ian McCallum)


To survive in this world, we all function with much more than our latest developed brain, the neo (frontal) cortex. We cannot only depend on the part of the brain that only developed in the latter part of human development.  We need some assistance from the parts of us that were developed thousands and thousands of years ago.  The part of us that is still “animal and even reptilian”. This part of us enables “energy” and a level of unconscious thinking to support our survival in a world that is not always cognitively predictable and human centred.  These parts are called INSTINCTS.  They ignite and fuel our behaviour.


Join this training to “understand The Enneagram” in a deeper sense.  Some clients say it was as if they have learnt how The Enneagram works for the 1st-time ever.


It is only after this training that I understand the Enneagram system.  So much more makes sense now.

Greater understanding of the subtypes unlocks so much more depth to the Enneagram - a hugely enriching experience.

For the first time, I embraced my sub-type which is the counter type of my main type. Embracing it has given me the opportunity to really sit with work that I need to do for myself. A rare gift. Thank you!


Deeper knowledge of the subtypes opened a whole new coaching path for me; if we can change one small thing we can achieve huge shifts – I’ve tried, and it worked!  It is very liberating. (And, of course, Casper is one of the most entertaining presenters I’ve met!)


Very valuable and inspiring knowledge presented and demonstrated in a fun and interactive form which makes it easier to apply and remember


Casper’s ability to integrate the wider knowledge of The Enneagram and the world of work into the fractal nuances of The Subtypes is extraordinary.  I have benefitted so much from this one day


The way the subtypes were embodied and acted out amplified the learning experience.  Feeling and seeing the subtype helped me land the differences in a real and experiential way. Casper made it incredibly real and I realise Subtypes are energy!  

R3 900 (VAT incl)

For development scouts / NGO’s and
Group discounts contact casper@minsfulleadership.co.za 


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