Mindful Leadership | Mindfulness-Based Offerings
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Mindfulness-Based Offerings

Various challenges in today’s world hamper our ability to perform.

  • Information overload: exponential increase of wanted and unwanted information
  • Leadership demands in complexity: decisions need to be made with ever changing variables.
  • Time pressures: just not enough time to get it all done
  • Increased competition
  • An ever changing world
We can only perform in the present:

This meeting, this performance appraisal, this strategy session, this game, this race, this interview.
Mindfulness is the ability to be here, now. To be present with the capacity to deliver, to respond, to perform.

The opposite is to be mindless, distracted, pre-occupied and caught in the future and or past. When we are not in the present, we tend to be mindless, and we react in habitual ways.

Through mindfulness, you will see reality with greater clarity, which will enable you to make better decisions with integrity. It is the proverbial ability to see the wood for the trees. We can teach this skill.

We all react in different ways when we are under stress, and so do different teams. We can assist you in understanding what causes/triggers your or your team’s stress responses, and how to engage with them in the most productive ways.

We don’t just need to recover from stress. We can also build resilience, prevent and engage more wisely with stress and complexity. The ability to respond wisely is a skill that can be developed. And as a bonus, research indicates many health benefits when we are present and in the moment. Mindfulness helps us to be more objective, balanced, happier and healthier

Our mind is similar to a muscle. Mindfulness can assist our mind in the same way physical exercise assists our bodies to:

  1. Build resilience: prepare ourselves to deal with stressful environments
  2. Perform better: be aware of what is needed where and when
  3. Recover better: repair and build capacity for a more balanced approach

Please contact me at casper@mindfulleadership.co.za for more information

Life does not consist of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that is forever blowing through one’s head– Mark Twain