Mindful Leadership | Mindfulness for Individuals in Stressful Environments
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Mindfulness for Individuals in Stressful Environments

Our habitual reptilian brain mode of dealing with stress and complexity is to react.

The same way we would react when we think there is danger around the next corner. We fight, flight or freeze.

When we encounter stress, our mind and body prepare for the worst. More adrenaline, cortisol and testosterone are released. We increase focus and drive, but we lose open awareness and curiosity regarding the stressors. Most stressors are not a real fight or a real wild animal approaching us. The stressors are often complex market, stakeholder, competition and or team issues. We need something different and more than testosterone and adrenaline.

Mindfulness develops an increased ability to first stop, pause and reflect on what the stressor is and then to respond (with a choice and not a habitual reaction). Our curiosity and interest in a stressor often provide us with much better “next best steps” than a habitual fight or flight approach.