Mindful Leadership | Enneagram Subtypes
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Enneagram Subtypes

Johannesburg, South Africa. 26 and 27 July

This 2 day workshop focuses on fascinating insights on the 27 Enneagram Subtypes (Naranjo and Chestnut)

Price from R8000 (Vat Excl)

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Although we are trained in a Zoo, we still live in the Jungle– Sonja Blignaut


The Enneagram describes 3 centres of human intelligence – the head, heart and body and 9 Personality Types.  In each of these 9 Types there are 3 “subtypes”.  Three versions of each of the 9 Types based on whether a person has a predominant instinctual drive towards Self Preservation, Social interaction or One-to-One bonding.  These 27 descriptors are far more nuanced that the 9 Personality types, shedding light on our most unconscious level of functioning so we can become more self-aware– Beatrice  Chestnut


Please send any questions to info@mindfulleadership.co.za  for more information on dates and costs.