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Getting Things Done (GTD) is a source of delight for those seeking to apply order to their everyday chaos. David Allen, inventor of the GTD methodology and best selling author, is widely recognised as the worlds leading expert on personal and organisational productivity.  GTD is a form of Applied Mindfulness.  It helps leaders to create space and capacity and build resilience to thrive in complexity.



This is a wonderful sensemaking framework of what the actual context is of a specific situation.  We need a different approach depending on context for effective leadership.


This is a unique tool to assist leaders and teams to understand what their default behaviour is in complex environments.  “What do we do (automatic reactive behaviour) when we don’t know what to do?” However, we need to improve our quality thinking in complex adaptive systems and The Enneagram gives us great insights in understanding ourselves. It improves leadership development, teamwork, communication, integrity and productivity, resulting in a better bottom line.


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A home for mindfulness practitioners, teachers and communities in South Africa.

The Institute for Mindfulness South Africa (IMISA) is a non-profit organization committed to the development and application of contemporary mindfulness in South Africa.

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