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Mindfulleadership supports clients to increase resilience and antifragility in complex environments
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Mindful Coronavirus Leadership

  • In the context of the unthinkable and unknowable.  

  • Observe…..Accept…..and Act (or not Act) with an aim to contain Personal, Corporate and Social Health

  • Courageous Leadership is needed

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By developing these characteristics our clients build significant capacity and resilience to deal with the challenges of complexity and exponential change

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In times of exponential, disruptive change, we need Mindful Leaders.


Regardless of who you are or what you do, you are living in and affected by unprecedented circumstances of exponential change and uncertainty. Not to mention new opportunities. This affects your everyday life: from disruptive technology that changes the way you shop or travel, to being confronted by how artificial intelligence rapidly replaces the need for jobs that have been around for generations. It is uncertain what our lives will look like a couple of years from now.


In the midst of such consistent disorder and disarray, the normal human reaction is to feel anxious, insecure and feeling out of control. The human instinct is to fight “it” to overcome the disturbance or flee “it” to hide from what disturbs. This instinct is propelled by powerful physiological processes where adrenaline and cortisol drive fighting, fleeing or freezing, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. But what we are trying to fight or flee is the New Normal. We cannot fight it. We cannot flee it. Being in auto-pilot of instinctual reactions, you cannot experience quality being or thinking, and yet, that is what every person is asked to do in their personal and professional lives.


Our habits to deal with this is your biggest limitation.


You need new skills, attitudes and ways of relating to change and uncertainty if you want to do well in the New Normal. As a leader or professional, you are not only called to cope in these circumstances but to thrive in it while helping others to thrive.


You are asked to be a mindful leader who is truly connected to self and connected with others and the world while leading meaningful change in a skilful way.


Mindful leaders know how to take a purposeful pause before acting.


Instead of reacting like most people do most of the day, they respond. They are intentional. They are able to catch themselves in the moment through observing the pull of the “auto-pilot” inside themselves and the world around them



  • Through being grounded, they are less likely to be tossed around by moods, trends and distractions.

  • Through being connected with themselves and others they have a better chance to know what is really going on inside them and around them.

  • Through being focused they can cut through the noise and move on things that genuinely matter.

  • Through being humble, they are  open to  consider a wide range of perspectives, especially in moments when there are no clear right answers.

  • All of the above makes it more likely for them to see the opportunity, the new way of doing things, whatever is emerging. It is subtle, yet powerful creativity.​​

Supporting frameworks

  • Complexity Theory

  • Mindfulness

  • The Enneagram

  • Change Leadership



Mindful Leadership training is learning mindfulness practices that develop a very specific quality of presence, being, thinking and feeling in leaders. To slow down, to take a purposeful pause before acting, to catch yourself, to be here, now, is simple, but difficult.


This training is based on decades of neuro-scientific research which shows clearly that we can train our minds to be more resilient, focused and clear just like we can train our bodies to be stronger and more flexible.


Mindful Leadership training focuses on the application of mindfulness in the world of work, organisations and leadership.


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Mindful Leadership

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